Board Review Foundation Trust

The challenge

The client was an established Foundation Trust offering local acute services to a mixed urban and rural population of around 370 000 and offering specialist services across a wider geography. Almost two years ahead of Foresight's commission from this board, Monitor had found the organisation to be in significant breach of the terms of its authorisation. This precipitated a significant change in board membership, including a number of new NEDs, a new Chair and Chief Executive. The refreshed board and organisation worked hard to put the difficulties experienced behind them and, at the time that we were appointed, believed that they had gone a long way to restoring stability in governance, financial, quality and performance terms. This was reflected in both their risk rating and the relationship that they then enjoyed with Monitor. The board commissioned a systematic review of their governance, as one of a range of actions that the FT was taking, to position itself to deliver on its ambitious strategic plans for the future.