Optimisation of health services at King Saud Medical City

The challenge

GE Healthcare Partners (EGM) was engaged by the King Saud Medical City to assist in the improvement of a core patient touch point; their outpatient department. The department attended to approximately 20,000 patients per month and is a key provider of specialist medical services to the people of Riyadh.

A number of challenges were found within this Outpatient department:

  • Process inefficiencies caused confusion and was thought to be a contributing factor in patient dissatisfaction.
  • Ineffective patient reminder process and system; causing misunderstanding and frustration around appointment times.
  • Lack of reporting regarding the OPD performance.
  • The no-show rate for Outpatient appointments ranged from 35-50% - representing a significant amount of waste within the system and a key driver longer waiting lists
    and poor patient experience.
  • Long waiting times to speak to the call center, long & confusing waiting lists, inefficient reminders for patient appointments, and inefficient operational processes