NHS Lothian Skills Transfer

The challenge

NHS Lothian is an integrated commissioner and provider of physical and mental healthcare services in central Scotland. Based primarily in Edinburgh, it serves a rapidly growing population of ~1million, and has an annual budget of £1.4bn. It operates three general hospitals and one acute mental health hospital, as well as numerous community facilities, and employs 28,000 people.

In 2006, NHS Lothian appointed GE to assist in building a comprehensive, self-sustaining capability in change management.NHS Lothian and GE were successful in this aim. Within 12 months, NHS Lothian employees were running large projects independently of GE, using world class techniques. Since 2013, NHS Lothian has remained fully independent of GE (although we continue to support them elsewhere), and operates a large, self-sustaining network of change agents who deliver real impact: more than £6million per annum of recurring cost savings have been delivered by improving quality, and this figure continues to rise year-on-year.