West Midlands Academic Health Science Network Innovation and Adoption Service

The challenge

Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) across the country have been given the challenge by NHS England to develop both the Health and Wealth agendas across their geographical regions. This includes supporting a culture of innovation in healthcare delivery and ensuring that the best innovations are widely adopted across the health and social care landscape.

West Midlands AHSN’s approach to this agenda was to establish an Innovation and Adoption service (known as Meridian) that will provide an end to end service for its members (local NHS organisations, industry, academia etc.) to support and develop innovation across the West Midlands area, and encourage adoption at scale and pace. The service will consist of three elements – an on-line health innovation exchange, industry gateway and an operational service team (using standard documentation and protocols) to manage the innovation development support service being provided.

GE Healthcare Partners were successful in being appointed by the AHSN to provide consultancy services for the development of the Innovation and Adoption Service (in partnership with PilotLite Ventures) as well as the provision of the on-line health innovation exchange (in partnership with Qmarkets).