The Command Centre Journey

Our Command Centre & Wall of AnalyticsTM approach is the centrepiece of an overall patient flow transformation programme. It should not be viewed as an IT or tech project, or a system-install. It delivers a fundamental change in the shape, size and operating model for your organisation or system.

The approach is underlined by the concept of concentration of operational decision-makers, and equipping these individuals with real-time decision support tools to enable better and faster decisions. The ultimate objective of a command centre programme is to enable a new level of efficiency, visibility and integration with demonstrated improvements in outcomes, utilisation, waiting times, length of stay, cost, patient and staff satisfaction.

In contrast with the traditional use of data (e.g. scorecards, Business Intelligence), the bespoke analytics developed for each organisation are built with the sole objective to drive short-term action. The Command Centres described here are different from transfer centres, bed management centres and “rooms-full-of-screens” that exist in many hospitals. These new centres are larger in scope and scale - they manage, orchestrate, sequence and prioritise patients or service-users into, through, out, and between care settings.