The Command Centre Journey

Real-Time Apps / Command Centre: Design / Build / Activate

The Wall of Analytic™ (WoA) tiles that provide the real-time, predictive and prescriptive analytics are custom-designed using a problem-backed approach with each client. This includes the design of the look, feel and functionality of each individual tile, as well as the physical space that will house the mission control centre (if a physical space is identified).

This phase of work includes the design, build and activation of both the WoA™ tiles and, if identified, the physical mission control space. This is an iterative process with a focus on ensuring operational decision makers have the information needed to make decisions regarding patient flow, throughput and individual patients based on real-time data and analytics.

The activation phase provides these decision makers with the opportunity to rehearse and become familiar and comfortable with the tiles themselves, and the standard operating procedures that will be the basis for driving action when potential challenges are identified.

This phase occurs in conjunction with and alongside the larger healthcare transformation programme and health and social care system redesign.

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