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GE Healthcare Partners France was created when GE Healthcare acquired a French consulting company called SANESCO TM, (GE Healthcare Partners is the consulting arm of GE Healthcare). It has been formed to provide solutions to the challenges healthcare organizations are facing today and which will ultimately lead to the complete reinvention of the healthcare system. Physicians, nurses, Lean certified engineers, economists and IT specialists are among our consultants. We focus on hospitals and are very proud of our customers’ successes in dramatically improving their performance.

Our downloadable testimonial book showcases our involvement in creating a new sustainable French healthcare system. While reading these testimonials, you will discover our consultants’ ambition to consider the individual at the heart of the health system.

Even though our consultants have strong technically recognized skills in understanding and optimizing patient health pathways, these skills remain meaningless without the individual. This is the reason why our consultants' value relies on their capacity to integrate hospital staff into transformation projects and to involve them in shaping the best working conditions.

Please take the time to read these enriching experiences and understand the trust customers have in our work. We look forward to being your partner to help you manage and overcome the challenges you are facing.

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Meet the Partners Team



I have nine years’ experience in health consultancy, developed after a leading position in a cancer clinic during 6 years.

I specialise in one day surgery programs, process improvements, (one day medical hospital, home care delivery) and medical strategy When not at work I enjoy gardening.

For me, clients appreciate our support in engaging their teams with either strategical or process improvement projects, which impact can be measured on the ground.



I have twenty years’ experience in health (public and private hospitals) as a caregiver (nurse, health officer and director). I have worked as a consultant for 5 years. I conduct projects on governance, organization and efficiency for the emergency units, operating rooms, ambulatory and bed management. I also organize management training sessions and CAP sessions.

When not working, I spend time with my family and on various occupations (book, draft, movies). GE Healthcare Partners France brings an innovative approach based on a multidisciplinary team with people from health and other backgrounds. We provide both the knowledge of hospital and the expertise of industrial world.



I joined the French Partners team in 2010 and I am now senior consultant. Trained in Change Acceleration Process (CAP), Lean, Workout and Six Sigma, I’m currently working on my Black Belt certification.

I have skills and expertise in data management (mining, modeling, tooling, analyzing & visualizing) and use them to answer customers’ requirements & meet their expectations. Because data are part of a project, I also have valuable skills in project management, change management, facilitation and simplification.

When not at work, I enjoy riding my motorcycle and practicing sports. At GE Healthcare Partners what I value most is our people and our vision: we work together to help improve patient care.



As a Medical doctor, I have worked in Healthcare consultancy for 25 years, helping medical teams and CEO staffs build strategic roadmaps and innovate for better quality of care and efficiency I specialise in territory platforms promoting strategic groups around medical objectives and looking for more partnerships between medical teams.

When not at work, I enjoy sailing fast (windsurf, Multihull) For me, GE Healthcare Partners’ ambition is to share change management skills with practitioners to help them be successful in innovative projects.



I have five years’ experience in nursing care (public, private hospitals and home-based care) and a 8-year experience in public health within French and International health care system, having worked previously in the humanitarian health field.

I am a registered nurse and have a master degree in public health from French High School of Public Health. My diverse professional experiences in health project management and coordination enable me to provide an operational vision for quality, assessment, counseling and driving changes.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with friends and family and practicing horseback riding. Working at GE Healthcare Partners France is a great opportunity to bring our client towards deep and sustainable changes in optimizing their organization and deliver best services to patients.



I have twenty years’ experience in the French healthcare system as a physician. I have also been a former hospital medical director for three years.

I specialize in strategic management, organizational transformation such as emergencies, imaging, and surgical rooms. I also deal with patient pathway within and outside the hospital (primary care, acute care, rehabilitation, psychiatry…)

When not at work I enjoy taking care of my family and gardening For me GE Healthcare Partners France stands out thanks to the team’s diversity and skills. It makes us a major actor in transforming the healthcare system.



I have experience in territory plans, strategic and organizational projects in different regions in France (Ile-de-France, Britanny, Midi-Pyrénnées) I specialise in bed management, patient pathways, performance and service improvement, governance and leadership, as well as partnership between hospitals in public and private sector. When not at work I enjoy travelling, playing the piano and singing In GE Healthcare Partners France, we all have a passion to improve health care system. I’d recommend GEHCP because during our missions, we become a partner for the client and build strategies together in order to face challenges.