We worked with Theatre managers and staff to develop and embed a structured system for managing performance across theatre suites. This included making performance visible to staff using an operational board and a daily review of performance to analyse problems, decide actions to resolve them, escalate issues swiftly where necessary, and track progress and improvements. This was supported by staff development, including in root cause analysis and problem-solving, as well as practical techniques to improve staff rostering. All aspects of the process were adapted and improved over time, based on staff feedback

The Outcome

Operational grip processes are embedded, with issues in theatres being rapidly identified, escalated, resolved, and progress fed back to staff. Flow Co-ordinators are established in their roles leading this process. Year on year figures show increased patient numbers per list equivalent to five additional patients per week. These improvements lay the foundation for sharper focus on performance across the whole elective pathway, leading to longer term shifts in the KPIs of patient cancellations, late starts and overall theatre efficiency.

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