MCA, Oct 2016 

The Consulting Excellence framework drives our behaviour and resonates throughout our values. The core of the framework sits within 3 pillars, or headings: ethical behaviour; client service and value; and professional development.

Within these 3 pillars sit 9 principles which we have adopted and integrated across the business to drive better service and value for our clients.

Consulting Excellence is a framework established by the MCA (Management Consultancies Association) to support member firms in embedding the highest standards of ethics, value and professionalism across the consulting industry.


   Pillars        Principles
Ethical behaviour
  • We operate within the GE “Spirit and Letter”, a mandatory document that addresses how we conduct business
Client service 
and value
  • We ensure that we understand customer requirements and that we have the capabilities and resources to deliver outstanding value.
  • Our customer satisfaction scores are among the highest in the sector
Professional development
  • We employ great people
  • We nurture talent
  • Our leaders seek to empower and inspire our people


What does Consulting Excellence mean to us?



As supporters of Consulting Excellence we rapidly used the principles to challenge us to do even better in each of the 3 pillars. Being committed to Consulting Excellence is a serious component of our overall business strategy. It is a standard to which all management consultancies should aspire and we are proud to be one of its early adopters.

Some examples of how we live and breathe the principles are:

  • We complete mandatory training in ethical business practices every year.
  • We support many charitable causes and “match fund” the donations made to charity by our staff.
  • We comply with information governance requirements.
  • We invest in research and learn from the global research power of GE.
  • We are registered to ISO 9001:2015 for all of our business processes.
  • We measure customer satisfaction on every assignment.
  • We offer constructive challenge internally and externally to optimise performance.
  • We utilise an ethical supply chain and pay suppliers promptly.
  • We apply a comprehensive consultant development framework, including twice-yearly reviews, underpinned by a training programme
  • We support our staff in their membership of professional networks and industry bodies

“As an organisation that is proud to serve clients who help to improve the health and well-being of people in the UK and beyond, we are very proud to be associated with the MCA Consulting Excellence standard and are proud to have multiple awards for our work.”

Tim O'Hanlon, COO & Partner GE Healthcare Partners






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