Our approach incorporated four focus areas: Programme management & governance - cross-organisational steering group with weekly KPIs Data analysis & simulation modelling – simulation modelling to understand patient flow across settings and ‘what if’ scenarios Operational Transformation – four workstreams focussing on admission avoidance, acute flow, length of stay and community capacity/ demand. Workflow Technology - AgileTrac Bed Management software, enabling a real-time view of the bed base


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Our four-step approach supported significant improvement in key quantitative indicators, achieving a reduction in Emergency Admissions by nearly 9% on last winter’s volumes (Oct-Dec); reducing excess bed days by 30% on last year's volumes; and reducing the overall bed base at CWH by thirteen. This was whilst maintaining the A&E four hour target, which was consistently met over the three months of implementation (during which time the readmission rate was also marginally reduced). Additional benefits were also generated through cross-organisational working for whole patient pathways between GPs, CCG, CLCH and CWH and the resulting relationships that were built.


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