cardiffandvaleWe worked intensively over a 10-week period to interview and engage key strategic and operational leaders across the system. We held the ‘Editor in Chief’ role and worked with a small working group, consisting of senior representatives from the four organisations, to co-design the system model and co-create the blueprint document.

We provided support, challenge, depth and insight by pulling together the financial, population-need, stakeholder views and operational analysis to assess the need and optimise the opportunity within the C&V system. We also pulled on our experience of working across other systems to ensure the strategy was ambitious and transformative.

The outcome

We helped the four partners define the case for change and unite around their ambition to create a globally significant revolution in health and wellbeing. In 10-weeks we co-created a system model to: change the basis on which public services are designed and delivered; change the relationship between partners, citizens and patients - increasing the role of technology in self management and treatment; accelerate the lead time from innovation idea to deployment and commercialisation.

The partners now have a co-designed, compelling strategic blueprint with which to engage their own teams, potential partners and the Welsh Government. The four partners are keen to build on the momentum we helped to develop and now have consensus on the next steps they need to take together to move the strategy into deliverable plans.

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