What is a Performance Partnership?PP diagram 1

  • Outcomes OrientedCollaboratively identify impactful outcomes based on financial, operational, and/or clinical goals 

  • Cultural Alignment – Both organisations co-resource and align on an approach and measurement of the outcome

  • Shared Value Creation – All parties realise meaningful value creation that is aligned to achieving the strategic goals – or our fees are waived


What are the benefits?

  • Providing better patient outcomes

  • Activating a new business/care model

  • Reducing healthcare costs

  • Driving innovation and change

  • Optimising current systems and staff

We believe we can back your visions by forming a genuine partnership, where we align our people, resources, innovation and more to empower you to achieve your goals and beyond. 

PP diagram 2

Performance Partnership Characteristics

  • Partnerships are aligned to client outcomes that are an organisational priority 

  • Non-traditional fee and risk structures are utilised to link payment directly to outcome achievement

  • Partnerships can leverage the full scope of GE’s capabilities – consulting, finance, equipment, service, digital – and beyond to achieve transformational change

  • Most partnerships are longer-term - typically 5-10 years - to ensure success and sustainability

  • Mutual and meaningful value creation for all parties

We’re breaking from tradition and stretching the boundaries of genuine partnerships by taking on risk and committing to achieving YOUR organisation’s goals.