We have a number of qualified doctors, nurses and therapists within our team, supporting clinical redesign programmes and efforts to reduce unwarranted clinical variation. Successful delivery of an evidence-based pathway requires sensitive localisation and clinical service redesign – our team are very experienced in this specific type of change. Supported by our senior clinical panel, we have access to the best practice and recognised national guidance for all facets of clinical service delivery.

Our team work in partnership with your team, to support the redesign of pathways, clinical models, staffing and service lines. In addition, we will incorporate redesign of your supporting clinical services to deliver equity of provision, better patient experience, clinical outcomes and improving clinical and operational value KPIs. Primary offerings include:

  • Clinical quality improvement methods and training
  • Clinical pathway design/redesign
  • Reducing unwarranted clinical variation
  • Acute clinical model design
  • Active care setting management
  • Day-of-Care and point prevalence surveys
  • Clinical walkthroughs and problem assessments

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Senior Partner at GE Healthcare Partners

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