To truly become a learning health organisation, the culture of data driven operational efficiency and continuous improvement needs to be embedded in the DNA of the organisation. From leadership behaviours through to the skills and behaviours of each employee, this needs to be the way of working. 

Our approach to establishing a learning and improvement culture is based on five key principles:

  • Ownership and accountability embedded from top to bottom within the organisation facilitated by strong governance with information flows up and down the structur
  • No single methodology for improvement – Expose learners to a portfolio approach of proven tools, methodologies and techniques.
  • Blended approach to skills transfer – including classroom learning, self-directed learning, practical application and competency development.
  • Training, coaching, mentoring and demonstration should by delivered by highly experienced practitioners.
  • Positive failure – creating a learning environment where improvements can be tried and tested, lessons learned can be shared and successes replicated.

These principles underlie every element of our programme design and proposed approach to delivery GE certified trainers & change coaches, with a wide range of experience in delivering change in complex systems and sensitive environments, will build internal capability across the workforce in an Action Learning practical programme. Whilst our senior SMEs will mentor key leaders to drive from the top, with the additional benefit of access to GE’s world renowned Crotonville Leadership Development Centre.

At GE Healthcare Partners we established our Change Mastery Accreditation programme and training portfolio to enable our clients to build deep expertise in methodologies such as Lean. As an organisation we are certified against the exacting standards of the Cardiff University’s renowned Lean Competency System and this enables us to provide accreditation to those we train and develop.

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