Building inter-organisational system leadership, governance and trust is essential for tomorrow’s leaders if they are to deliver the transformation that is required by ambitious system-wide strategies.

We understand how challenging this can be – whether working across systems, chains, new organisational forms or with strategic partners. We can offer senior, skilled support to enable:

  • Sovereign organisations to articulate their mission and contribution to the ‘whole’ clearly and with confidence.
  • Partners to build understanding and respect for one another.
  • Governance arrangements that are lean, enabling and appropriately accountable.
  • Confidence’ and ‘mutual respect including through high-level facilitation to identify common ground.
  • Development and coaching support to individual leaders, teams and boards to be effective across organisastional boundaries.

The integration of care, the increasing focus on place and the interconnectedness of organisations within an economy requires a new skillset and a new mindset for today’s health and social care leaders, incorporating systems working and boundary-spanning leadership. We can work in partnership with you to create a cohesive package of bespoke leadership development to achieve the essential outcomes for your leadership cohorts across your system.